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Tips to Choose the Best Purse for You

Finding the right purse can sometimes feel like quite the undertaking. Factors like the overall style, size and functionality for your lifestyle all go into choosing the purse that is best for you. Women’s purses are a vital part of our wardrobe as we literally carry them everywhere, so having one that just isn’t quite right can be down right frustrating!

I’ve listened to a lot of your feedback and questions and have come up with a few of my top tips to consider when trying to choose a new handbag that will suit all of your needs. Check out my list below and let me know - what are some other factors you consider when deciding which one to buy?

mirage wristlet flat lay

Wristlets and other small bags can be great to add into a larger tote to keep things organized!

gold foil cowhide backpack

A backpack style can be a great option for a larger sized purse

  • Size. the first thing to consider is the size of the bag. Are you someone who likes to carry a lot in your purse or are you a bare minimum type of person? Because i’m a mother, I tend to carry a larger bag so that I can have all the critical items on hand (extra snacks, things to occupy a little one if we have to wait somewhere). I don’t like to carry a large bag in everywhere I go though, especially times when i’m just running into a store for something quick so I have managed this two ways. For a while, I carried a larger tote bag and then had a smaller crossbody that went inside of that larger bag just for critical items like my wallet, etc. When I would run a quick errand I could just pull that bag out and eliminate carrying my large tote full of items all across the store. Now, I have switched to a backpack style of purse. I love carrying the backpack because I can get a lot in it but it doesn’t seem so heavy and weigh on my shoulder like the tote bag would have.

  • Your current wardrobe. What is your current wardrobe like? What colors/prints/materials do you gravitate towards? Think about what you feel best in and what styles catch your eye and look for a purse that blends into that style. For instance, I tend to dress in a rural/western type of style - lots of geo prints, jeans, boots and earthy tones. I like to carry purses that blend well with this look - pieces that feature leather and metal accents along with lots of cowhide! If your style is more preppy or dressy, you would likely want to steer more to an all leather look or something in a bold color to accent your wardrobe.

  • The amount of storage you like to have. Do you like to have everything in its own spot inside your purse or are you more of a dump it all in and go type of person? If you are someone who likes to have a lot of organization look for purses that have multiple pockets, both inside and out, to be able to keep your essentials easy to find. Another option to consider if you find a purse you like that does not have as much storage as you would like to is buy a couple of smaller sizes wristlets or storage bags to put inside of a larger bag. I like to keep all my lipstick and kid snacks in separate smaller bags inside my purse so it’s easy to put my hands on those things when I am looking for them!

  • Practicality. Think about your current lifestyle and your needs for your purse. For instance like my example above if you have children, you likely will need to consider a larger style as a small little wristlet won’t fit everything you need for on the go! Think about what you are using your purse for most often and choose a style that fits well into that.

  • You! Your purse is an expression of your personality! It is an item that again you carry almost daily and everyone sees. Above all make sure you find a purse that fits your personality, is fun and that you love!

crossbody purse options hanging

Crossbody options are always a bestseller!

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