The Ginger Hill Farmer Brand

The Ginger Hill Farmer Brand

Everything you wanted to know about The Ginger Hill Farmer

Have you heard the story behind why I started this brand?

In my past career I spent over 15 years in corporate retail, working with some great people, who over the years I came to realize knew absolutely nothing about where their food comes from.  I can't tell you how many times I had to say that no... we don't just walk out to the field and grab some corn and eat it (hello field corn)!  

I started The Ginger Hill Farmer as a way to share more about our life on the farm and some of what we do to in order to try to bridge that gap between consumer and farmer.  Not long after I started blogging I decided to incorporate graphic tees... and the rest is history!

Over the years I have refined the brand to focus not only on sharing about farming, but also connecting with farm and rural women.  I value chatting with each and every customer to put together an outfit they love and really connect.  I hope that over the years you have come to enjoy the connection I hope to foster!

Read a little more about what we value as a brand below!

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